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WolframTones: offline software available?

Posted 1 year ago
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I searched for a random musical phrase generator and I reached to this site. This is an awesome site as it generates random music. Also it can create midi file which I wanted the most. As a DJ I don't have much time to plan musical phrases instead I can generate random music from here to use in my mixes. If you already have an offline software of WolframTones:

then please send me details. If you don't have then I request you to make an offline version of this software. I believe many like us will purchase this. Thanks in an advance for helping me.

enter image description here

2 Replies

Fully support your wish! The main point for me is not that it should be offline, but more like a standalone application with extended functionality like: - Save files (other than internet favorites) - Create musical themes longer than 30 sec. - More control over MIDI-export. (Themes that sound fantastic in Wolfram tones comes out inaccurate or completely messy i programs like Sibelius) - Export other formats like .xml - Create mutations with variable similarity to themes you like or settings you use often. - Maybe other types of cellular automata or fractals.

I would gradly spend some money on a program like that.

Thank you for you suggestion. Our teams are aware of such requests and working on making this available. We don’t know yet in what form or the time-frame, but please stay tuned and we post here an update when the off-line version will be released.

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