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Riemann Zeta Function is the point 0?

Posted 10 months ago
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Riemann Zeta Function

I am new to the community wolfram my name is Aaron I and have been looking at a plot, the code for the plot is

|zeta(x+i y )| for 3^(sqrt(10) - 1/2)<x<-3.31 and -10<y<-3^(sqrt(10) - 1/2)

When I looked at the contour plot, then I opened in WolframAlpha notebook the circles on the contour map, the largest circle equals 0.8 the next circle equals 0.6 the next is 0.4 the smallest one is 0.2. My problem is when I change the inputs it changes the number of circles but still can not find a 0 some input makes a hole and the one I have above makes a point this will matter later in this post. When I looked at a 3D plot which I changed the viewpoint to back orthographic which shows that the circles of the contour plot come to a point but it is not on the zero line.

Three questions

Is the point on the 3D back orthographic plot zero and WolframAlpha pro not showing it?

If this point is zero is there any other inputs that will show this?

If I had a 0 on the contour plot would that move the point on the 3D back orthographic plot to the zero line?

Thanks for all and any help

enter image description here enter image description hereenter image description here




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