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Algorithms behind Step-by-Step solutions in Wolfram|Alpha ?

Posted 11 years ago
Wolframalpha pro provides step wise step solution to math problems like integration, differentiation, differential equations etc. I have my college project to develop an application that produces step wise step solution to differentiation and integration. From where should i start, can anyone suggest me some algorithms and procedure to do that.
POSTED BY: shubham agarwal
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Take a look at the following discussion thread on stackexchange to get a sense of how to approach step-by-step differentiation in Mathematica...
POSTED BY: David Reiss
I would look at the code for open source versions of these, esp. in the language you intended to use. Of the three projects that you listed, writing a program to perform symbolic differentiation is the most feasible and the best place to start.

In Mathematica, I would basically write a list of the rules that govern pattern differentiation and apply those rules to the expression. (
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Thanks for your answer.
It is easy to do this with Mathematica, I have to do the same as a developer, so that I can make my own application that solves integration and differentiation step by step. Does there exist any algorithm to do this?
POSTED BY: shubham agarwal
This does not use Mathematica or Wolfram|Alpha but may be it can help you with figuring out algorithms:

A fully automatic problem solver with human-style output
POSTED BY: Darya Aleinikava
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