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Why a code that works locally does not work when deployed to the cloud?

Posted 9 months ago
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When I run this code locally it does what I expect. When CloudDeploy-ed, it fails. What I am I doing wrong? ( I am a totally new user of WL) Thanks.

Conversor1 = FormPage[

  {{"Amount", "Amount in Euros"} -> "Number", 
   "Currency" -> {"US dollars", "British Pounds"}, {"Date", 
     "Invoice Date"} -> "Date"},

  DatedRate[moneda_, fecha_] := UnitConvert[
    Quantity[1, DatedUnit["Euros", fecha]], 
    DatedUnit[moneda, fecha]];

  Conversion[cantidad_, moneda_, fecha_] :=

   Return[Times[cantidad, DatedRate[moneda, fecha]]];

  Conversion[#Amount, #Currency, #Date] &] 
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