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Find minimum of two function in a given range?

Posted 9 months ago
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Dear Sir / Ma'am,

I want to verify this result. How can I, is there any syntax for it, please give details!



for some0<=p,q<=1

Answer is (X,Y) = (1/2, 5/12)

I am using the syntax of these type. Please don't write any program, give syntax of the same type of above problem. {i.e. optimization of two functions in a given range.}

For Example:

Minimize[{5 x^2 + x + 2, -(26/5) <= x <= 5}, x]

Thanking you.

Hi, I am not sure if I understood well what you are trying to Minimize/solve. Here is a simple formulation, which gives piecewise solutions: Minimize[{X + Y, X <= Min[p/6 + q/2], Y <= (1 - p)/2 + 1 - q, p >= 0, q <= 1}, {p, q}]

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