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Set up SendMail from Mathematica?

Posted 11 months ago
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I just worked through the online version of "An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language" with Mathematica running on a Pi Zero W. Amazed to find most things worked on that tiny platform.

There were a few examples of using SendMail in the book that I wasn't able to make work. Yahoo didn't like the mail being relayed through the Wolfram Cloud so I was attempting to configure the SMTP server settings, but can't find the "Preferences > Internet & Mail > Mail Settings" menu suggested by the SendMail::cloudrelay message that appeared in my notebook.

Since it may be important, I am using

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ mathematica --version

Any help getting this set up would be appreciated.

-- Todd

2 Replies

Mail server settings can be specified via SetOptions[SendMail, ...] -- see the documentation page for an example.

Also, the preferences dialog can be opened by evaluating the following in a notebook

Posted 11 months ago

Thank you! Used the "PreferencesDialog" as above and managed to get a test email to work.

-- Todd

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