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Avoid System Modeler to crash when performing basic functions?

Posted 1 year ago
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I've just downloaded a free-trial version of System Modeler. I've validated it OK but it crashes every time I try to perform basic operations like opening a file. The error message it gives is:

"A critical error has occurred and Model Center must be restarted. Any unsaved Modelica classes will be restored if possible.

Click OK to restart Model Center, or Cancel to exit."

Does anyone know why? My OS is Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit.

Thanks, Archie

2 Replies


I don't have any immediate ideas of what might be wrong. You say that it crashes every time you try to perform basic operations, can you give other examples that causes it to crash? When during the process of opening a file does it crash? Before the file selector dialog is opened/after you have selected a file/etc?



I've raised a case with Wolfram support who say they think there's a bug in System Modeler 5.0. Basically it crashes when I try to do anything like drag a block from Modelica to create a new model or open a new file.

I've sent them the crash dump files, and screenshots of the problem.

I'll keep you updated on their response.


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