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Solve decoupled PDE's with NDSolve?

Posted 10 months ago
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I have one NDSolve with a system of equations that solves just fine

NDSolve[eqns1, depVars1, {z,0,zf}, {t,0,tf}]

I have another completely decoupled NDSolve that solves

NDSolve[eqns2, depVars2, {z,0,zf}, {t,0,tf}]

But when I put them together...


even when they're completely decoupled, I get the error "The given initial conditions were not consistent with the differential-algebraic equations." Anyone know why?

7 Replies

Works for me on my example. I guess it has to do with your code. Generally speaking, except for very common errors, problems with code require the code for the problem to be diagnosed.

Yeah, sorry about not including the code, it's a bit involved, difficult to simplify, and I was in a rush. Here's the best I can do to simplify it:

Equations to solve:

eqns = {{x[Nonacosane][z, 0] == 0.04365546804923613, x[Triacontane][z, 0] == 
   0.06241482157451062, s[Nonacosane][z, 0] == 0, s[Triacontane][z, 0] == 0}, 
 {DirichletCondition[x[Nonacosane][z, t] == 0.04365546804923613, z <= 0], 
  DirichletCondition[x[Triacontane][z, t] == 0.06241482157451062, z <= 0]}, 
 {3138.4698592919644*Derivative[0, 1][s[Nonacosane]][z, t] == 
   -0.00635626711262017*(0.0028844741322105526*s[Nonacosane][z, t] - 
     x[Nonacosane][z, t]), 3138.4698592919644*Derivative[0, 1][s[Triacontane]][
     z, t] == -0.007114201335734374*
    (0.0019632116886399483*s[Triacontane][z, t] - x[Triacontane][z, t])}, 
 {3138.4698592919644*Derivative[0, 1][x[Nonacosane]][z, t] + 
    999.0059837024828*Derivative[1, 0][x[Nonacosane]][z, t] == 
   NeumannValue[0, z >= 100] + 0.00635626711262017*
     (0.0028844741322105526*s[Nonacosane][z, t] - x[Nonacosane][z, t]), 
  3138.4698592919644*Derivative[0, 1][x[Triacontane]][z, t] + 
    999.0059837024828*Derivative[1, 0][x[Triacontane]][z, t] == 
   NeumannValue[0, z >= 100] + 0.007114201335734374*
     (0.0019632116886399483*s[Triacontane][z, t] - x[Triacontane][z, t])}}

The dependent variables

depVars = {x[Nonacosane][z, t], s[Nonacosane][z, t], x[Triacontane][z, t], 
 s[Triacontane][z, t]}


In these equations, a reaction is taking place between two states "s" and "x". It solves without a problem.

I want to calculate the accumulated rates by saying D[m[z,t],t]=Sum(rates[z,t]). I do that by adding "D[sArea[z,t],t]=Sum(rates)" and "sArea[z,0]=0" to the equations

{-9.27269625879322*^-9*s[Nonacosane][z, t] - 7.574037191466946*^-9*
    s[Triacontane][z, t] + 3.214692118485727*^-6*x[Nonacosane][z, t] + 
   3.857982934440454*^-6*x[Triacontane][z, t] == Derivative[0, 1][sArea][z, t], 
 sArea[z, 0] == 0}

This fails. I tried a completely random equation that solves in NDSolve but when added to the equation list, it fails.

Hi! Just a grammatic error in equations...eons =; Correct it to eqns and you get the solutions (Interpolating functions)!

Thanks, but this is a copy-paste of some code. I added “eons” (should have been “eqns”) for this post. Did you happen to try the code? It fails for me

Update: original typo fixed

That's right, the first set of equations solves fine. My question is when adding another equation (given in post) it fails. I'm adding to the notebook and will send it back in a few minutes

Check the attached file. It works (gives the interpolating functions), but they look similar!


I replied to the wrong thread. Anyway, I've updated your notebook with the problem I'm seeing. I appreciate the help; I can't figure this one out.

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