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[✓] Decouple the differential equations by using Dsolve?

Posted 10 months ago
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I have to two differential equations and I want to decouple it by using Dsolve but not getting my required results. Anyone can help it will be very appreciated. Kindly see the attached file.

9 Replies

Maybe this helps. See attached file.

Regards, Mariusz


Thanks for your help. I got my results

I have two equations but different functions. I tried to solve it same, but could not get the simplified answer. Can you help me? and check where I am wrong.

Thanks in advance,


You demand the impossible. If FullSimplifycommand can't better simplifying then no one will do it better.

Ok thanks, I will try another way.

Hi. You are lucky. The method I suggested earlier works in this case too, although the computations take a very long time indeed. So before running the attached notebook have a close look at it or better make a copy for reading. Be aware that it is luck that DSolve works in this complicated case as well. It could well be that you have to use NDSolve for finding U and then Z in practical problems.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I have just solved according to your method and I found my results.

I hope this helps.

Regards HD


thanks for your details concept. I have solved my equations.

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