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Help plotting error function

Posted 11 years ago
I am trying to graph the following  error function but I have no outout.  It seems like a syntax error. I just need a third set of eyes to tell me what is wrong;)

= (1/30 - 29/30)*2000

\ = 2*Sqrt[2000*1/30*29/30]

W[M_] = Erf[ (M - \)/Sqrt[2 ]*\] +
Erf[ (-\)/Sqrt[2 ]*\] ;

Plot[W[M_], {M, 0, 5}]
POSTED BY: Megan Vineyard
2 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
Clicking on  either the <> or the Mathematica icon at the right end of the second line above the box you put the text of a post
will insert a small box in your posting. If you paste your code into that box then the forum software should mangle it less and
others should be able to read it. See if that works and edit if need be until the result shows what you want others to see.
POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
Somehow your post is not understandable.   Your first two equations make no sense.   You also don't need the _ after the M in your Plot expression.   Can you edit your post to put a proper variable on the left side of your fist two equations and edit them into the third?   Also,  I think you mean output, not outpout and second set of eyes, not third, perhaps.
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