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[?] Align buttons with center of Wolfram Demonstration GUI?

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi, I am creating a demonstration for the Wolfram Demonstrations project and it has been a while since I did much programming in Wolfram Language. I am writing a script that has the following format:

Manipulate[ Module[ f[x] ], Button["x"] ]

The button appears in the lower-left side of the controls pane in my GUI. See the picture attached. How can I place these buttons in the center of the pane and/or adjust their location more precisely?

Thanks, Neil


One way of giving custom positions to controls is to use Item, Grid (or Row) and Control. For example:

Manipulate[x + y,
 Item[Grid[{{Spacer[30], Control[{x, {0, 1}, SetterBar}]},
    {Control[{y, {0, 1}, SetterBar}]}}]]]
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