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Download a .stl file from a 3DPlot using Mathematica online Student?

Posted 9 months ago
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Is it possible to download a .stl file from a 3DPlot.

model = Plot3D[Sin[x+y^2],{x,-3,3},{y,-2,2},PlotTheme->"ThickSurface"]


I can not change Directory on the Mathematica on-line Student version.

8 Replies

[I am not sure for Student edition of Mathematica, but this reply may anyways be useful to you]

Doing Printout3D[model] should yield something like this:

enter image description here

where, Printout3DPreviewer option, might be interesting to you.

If you want to "download" (Export) the model, the thing you should do is:

Export["test.stl",  model]
(* ==> "test.stl" *)

You can see more info on .stl here.

Printout3D prints to some service (modifiable):

enter image description here

but, if you have a 3D printer connected to your machine, you can directly print to it.

Posted 9 months ago

what i find interesting is the directory is wolframcloud/usrfiles which i can't find and is not on my system

enter image description here enter image description here

In what environment are you evaluating the code? Desktop or Cloud?

What is the output of the following evaluation for you?

FindFile[Normal[Printout3D[model, "model.stl"]]["FileName"]]
Posted 9 months ago

Cloud /wolframcloud/userfiles/ba9/ba9a1691-48ac-417b-964f-1a1467d3d5a6/model.stl was the output

Try this:


I also strongly suspect that the value of $HomeDirectory for you is "/wolframcloud/userfiles/ba9/ba9a1691-48ac-417b-964f-1a1467d3d5a6/", correct?

That means that the file is in your home, but is not a CloudObject, however it should still be visible in your home (without doing the operation above).

Posted 9 months ago

Wow! that worked the files are available in my cloud now

enter image description here

They were always available, just not visible as CloudObjects.

Posted 9 months ago

Sorry the operation seems to work but the file has zero bytes

enter image description here

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