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Solve a set of N coupled algebraic equations with "Solve"?

Posted 11 months ago
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Hello everyone. I'm attempting to solve a set of N coupled algebraic equations using "Solve". I've successfully done it for a small value of N (2~3 coupled equations, for example), simply by typing the equations as: Solve[{eq1},{eq2},{eq3},{x1,x2,x3}]; however, it's just impracticable when N is high. That being said, I tried to define an array with all my variables: v = Array[t,n] = {t[1],t[2],...,t[n]} and, with a loop structure, I tried - with no success - to solve 3 equations.

In attachment is what I've done so far.

Thank you for you attention.

2 Replies

Do you mean something like this?

n = 4;
eqs = DeleteCases[Flatten[Table[ If[i =!= j, \[Eta]^2 (t[i]^2 - w^2) ==  Product[(t[i] - t[j] - \[Eta])/(t[i] - t[j] + \[Eta]), {j, 1,  n}]], {i, 1, n}, {j, i , n}]], Null]
Posted 11 months ago

Exactly! Thank you so much!

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