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Development of the ideas of Prof. Karl Svozil and Prof. Cristian Calude

Posted 9 months ago
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Good morning

strongly apologizing for the disturb that I cause you I think that you might be interested by the Mathematica Notebook (that I attach to this post) concerning the development of many wonderful scientific ideas by Prof. Karl Svozil and Prof. Cristian Calude that, years ago, I defended in my PHD-thesis:

following a research project aimed to prove two Quantum Analogues of Prof. Gregory Chaitin's Undecidability Theorems in Algorithmic Information Theory.

Unfortunately I didn't succeed to obtain such a goal such as Prof. Karl Svozil himself who, independently from me, performed the same conjecture.

I think that my stuff could be anyway useful to researchers working on the physical applications of Algorithmic Infomation Theory.

I strongly apologize for the fact that my Notebook was written in an old version of Mathematica and should require some improvement in order to make it compatible with Mathematica 11.2.

Thanking you very much for Your kind attention I send you

my best regards Dr. Gavriel Segre

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