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[✓] Combine two figures keeping their sizes and export them as PDF?

Posted 9 months ago
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Anyone can help me to combine two figures in their actual sizes and then export them in a PDF file. I combined the figure a and b using "Graphics" command, but their sizes are small and I tried to make them larger manually or using "Image Size" command, but my problem when I Export a new larger figure, it saves it in a small size again.

Is there a way to combine them in one clear graph and export this graph as a PDF

Please see the figures in the attachment.


5 Replies

Give ImageSize also to the individual pictures:

f = GraphicsRow[{Show[a, ImageSize -> 500], 
   Show[b, ImageSize -> 500]}, ImageSize -> 1000]
Posted 9 months ago

Dear Gianluca, Thanks a lot! it works:)

Posted 9 months ago

Can you please see my file after the modification, when I named the figures, it gave me the small sizes again. Is there a way to label them in the final command?


Try inserting the size before labeling:

fig1 = Labeled[Show[a, ImageSize -> 500], "(a)", Bottom]

In general I have learned to avoid GraphicsRow, because it is so hard to get the size the way I want. Try Grid instead.

I would use PlotLabel when generating the a, instead of adding it later with Labeled.

Posted 9 months ago

Thank you so much for your help and advice!

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