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Large-argument expansion of MeijerG off by a factor of 2?

Posted 10 months ago
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I'm trying to perform a large-y asymptotic expansion of MeijerG[{{}, {}}, {{0, 1/2, 1}, {}}, y] for real, positive y using Series, but the result appears to come out a factor of 2 too large compared to a number of numerical and non-numerical cross-checks I've done. Minimal(ish) working example notebook is attached showing the problem and checks I've performed. Is there an obvious point I'm missing here related to behaviour of MeijerG which is tripping up Series (if so, the silent failure is worrisome), or might there be a bug here? Using Mathematica v 11.2.0 on macOS. Have already submitted a support query to Wolfram, but interested in community feedback too.


Resolution: Wolfram Tech Support replied confirming that there is indeed a bug.

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