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Mathematica : Wolfram Cloud login error?

Posted 4 years ago
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At the startup, when I clicking on Wolfram Cloud SignIn .. .The entire screen is flickering. What should I do ?


2 Replies
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Posted 4 years ago

i can't view the .mp4

what is flickering just the sign-in window or the whole desktop?

if you think mathematica is doing it then i think you should call support

however. did you uninstall the last version of mathematica before installing the new? do you ever get "lock ups" on your machine or flickering on any other app ? is your machine running win10 or Sierra (a pc or apple?). say it's a pc/win10 and you have a gaming card: issues with the gaming settings could cause a problem and furthermore if it's an nvidia type - the driver has settings on a per app basis (and a default for all apps). if those options are changed or wrong for mm, that could cause "flickering". but moreso: so could a bug caused by something else or by an OS that needs to be re-installed

but ask support if you think it's not really pc related

POSTED BY: Anonymous User

Sorry about that brother. I upload a straight MP4 video. Anyway, I am uploading it to Vimeo and posting link. Hope it helps.

I am using macOS High Sierra. I never had this problem up until few days ago. Please, I know the famous 're-install' solution for every software problem. I have too many presents and customisations and way too much dependent on it for my work. That's not an option.

Thanks for your effort. Lemme know, if you have any problem with streaming the video.

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