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Write in Hebrew from right to left?

Posted 10 months ago
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Hey, do you know how to change the direction of writing from "left to right" to "right to left? Because I am writing in Hebrew.

Thank you for the help.

2 Replies

I suspect you'd go to your main/top tab and choose "Format -> Option Inspector" then search for "language" or "translation" and see what options your front end supports. Hebrew doesn't appear to be in mine.

If no one on the forum answers, it sounds to me like it's worth a call to Wolfram support. They'd know what is best to do.

But I have to ask: if you are running win10, does win10 support Hebrew out of the box? and can you use that to enter text with? If win10 doesn't support Hebrew can you expect mm to do so? (that's just a question - it may not matter. Support will know).

(I say ask support, because if there is not option I can find - there may be a reason why.)

There is no point of trying this. It is an old unsolved issue at the moment (and for a too long time). If this is for documentation needs, I have seen people writing in Hebrew using MS WORD or similar and pasting PDF "snippets" to Mathematica notebooks (in Text cells)



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