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This is so odd it won't graph

Posted 11 years ago
So I worked on this project about a week ago and we are supposed to alter a face to make it look different to show we know how to plot things using graphics.  Well, after about a week it won't graph at all!  Not even the original copy our instructor sent to us which worked fine last week.  Can someone at least try to see if it works on their system

I have
 circFace =
   Graphics[Circle[{Subscript[x, c], Subscript[y, c]}, Subscript[r,
 triangNose =
   Graphics[Polygon[{{Subscript[x, c],
       Subscript[y, N] + Sqrt[3]/2 Subscript[\[ScriptL], N]},
      {Subscript[x, c] - 1/2 Subscript[\[ScriptL], N],
       Subscript[y, N] -
        1/(2 Sqrt[3]) Subscript[\[ScriptL], N]}, {Subscript[x, c] +
       1/2 Subscript[\[ScriptL], N],
      Subscript[y, N] - 1/(2 Sqrt[3]) Subscript[\[ScriptL], N]}}]];
leftEye =
  Graphics[Circle[{Subscript[x, L], Subscript[y, E]}, Subscript[r,
rightEye =
  Graphics[Circle[{Subscript[x, R], Subscript[y, E]}, Subscript[r,
leftIris =
    Disk[{Subscript[p, L], Subscript[y, P]}, Subscript[r, I]]}];
rightIris =
    Disk[{Subscript[p, R], Subscript[y, P]}, Subscript[r, I]]}];
leftPupil =
  Graphics[Disk[{Subscript[p, L], Subscript[y, P]}, Subscript[r, P]]];
rightPupil =
  Graphics[Disk[{Subscript[p, R], Subscript[y, P]}, Subscript[r, P]]];
leftwhiteOutside =
  Graphics[{Thickness[2 thickparm], Blue,
    Circle[{Subscript[x, L], Subscript[y, E]},
     Subscript[r, E] + 4 thickparm]}];
rightwhiteOutside =
  Graphics[{Thickness[2 thickparm], Blue,
    Circle[{Subscript[x, R], Subscript[y, E]},
     Subscript[r, E] + 4 thickparm]}];
circMouth =
  Graphics[Circle[{Subscript[x, m], Subscript[y, m]}, {Subscript[m,
     a], Subscript[m, b]}, {Subscript[\[Theta], 1],
     Subscript[\[Theta], 2]}]];

Show[circFace, triangNose, leftIris, rightIris, leftPupil, \
rightPupil, leftEye, rightEye, leftwhiteOutside , rightwhiteOutside , \
circMouth, AspectRatio -> 1, Prolog -> Thickness[thickparm],
ImageSize -> 200]
Show::gcomb: "Could not combine the graphics objects in Show[circFace,triangNose,leftIris,rightIris,leftPupil,rightPupil,leftEye,rightEye,leftwhiteOutside,rightwhiteOutside,circMouth,AspectRatio->1,Prolog->Thickness[thickparm],ImageSize->200]."
I get this as an error message.  Thank you
POSTED BY: Megan Vineyard
3 Replies
Also I noticed whenever I add in a new line I get an error for something that worked previously.  I am trying to make teeth and I get the error
Angle specification {0.031415926535897934`, Subscript[\[Theta], 1]} should be a pair of numbers.
For circle.  Why is that?
POSTED BY: Megan Vineyard
Ok so all of a sudden mathematica would graph the unaltered assignment but when I tried to graph my alterations it wouldn't work, despite the fact that it worked last week and it's comes up graphed. I change the line Circmouth and add Bottomlip
Bottomlip =
  Graphics[{ Thin, Line[{{0.65, 0.45}, {1.36, 0.45}}], Green}];
circMouth =
  Graphics[Circle[{Subscript[x, m],
     0.5 Subscript[y, m]}, {1/2 Subscript[m, a],
     1/2 Subscript[m, b]}, {Pi/100, Subscript[\[Theta], 1]}]];
Ol this is wierd I was just about the post the above and now it will graph...  This is driving me crazy.  Why does mathematica graph this sometimes and other times it doesn't?!
POSTED BY: Megan Vineyard
Posted 11 years ago
Put this
 Subscript[x, c] = Subscript[y, c] = 0; Subscript[r, c] = 10;
 Subscript[y, N] = 0; Subscript[\[ScriptL], N] = 1;
 Subscript[x, L] = -3; Subscript[y, E] = 3; Subscript[r, E] = 1;
 Subscript[x, R] = 3;
 Subscript[p, L] = -3; Subscript[y, P] = 3; Subscript[r, I] = 1/2;
 Subscript[p, R] = 3; Subscript[r, P] = 1;
 Subscript[x, m] = 0; Subscript[y, m] = -1;
 Subscript[m, a] = Subscript[m, b] = 1;
 Subscript[\[Theta], 1] = Subscript[\[Theta], 2] = Pi/4;
thickparm = 1;
with appropriate substitutions for those constants,
just before your circFace= and it appears to display just fine.
POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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