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Get and plot Financial Data for NASDAQ - Price Works but Volume Does Not?

Posted 1 year ago
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I'm trying to plot NASDAQ price and volume using the following commands. Interestingly the "Volume" property works for individual securities but does not work for market indices like NASDAQ. Has anyone else observed this issue?

DateListPlot[FinancialData["NASDAQ",{{2018,1},{2018,4}}],PlotLabel ->"NASDAQ" ]   --> this works
DateListPlot[FinancialData["NASDAQ","Volume",{{2018,1},{2018,3}}],PlotLabel ->"NASDAQ Volume" ]  --> this does not work


3 Replies

Also note that the same function calls on DJIA work fine:

FinancialData["DJIA", {{2018, 1}, {2018, 4}}]  (* works fine *)
FinancialData["DJIA", "Volume", {{2018, 1}, {2018, 4}}] (* works fine *) 

So something appears to be broken with NASDAQ Volume in the Financial Data function call or the data server


Posted 1 year ago

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Found this problem via FinancialData["IBM","Volume"] and FinancialData["IBM","OHLCV"] a couple of weeks ago. Confirmed this problem on StackExchange. I submitted results to Wolfram support team. They confirmed this is a problem and forwarded the issue to the development team. No ETA on a fix. StackExchange confirmed same problem with volume on Wolfram|Alpha results.

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