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Avoid errors while using InteractiveTradingChart?

Posted 1 year ago
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So I'm trying to use InteractiveTradingChart, however, not a single example from the documentation page is working.

InteractiveTradingChart[{"GOOGL", {{2009, 1, 1}, {2009, 12, 31}}}]

Just throws a bunch of errors, most notably:

TimeSeries::invstrct: The data TemporalData[TimeSeries,{<<1>>},True,11.1] is not a structurally valid TemporalData object. InteractiveTradingChart::ldata: {GOOGL,{{2009,1,1},{2009,12,31}}} is not a valid dataset or list of datasets.

So what's the problem? any help appreciated.


2 Replies

There seems to be an issue with how the Volume is being returned. Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this issue. We hope to have it fixed soon.

TradingChart can be a very picky function. When it doesn't work, you're usually best off using FinancialData. For example, sometimes the availability of data changes for reasons beyond our control. In this particular case, the "OHLC" data is all fine so you can still make a basic CandlestickChart from it.

 FinancialData["GOOGL", "OHLC", {{2009, 1, 1}, {2009, 12, 31}}]

enter image description here

All the "Volume" issues should be ironed out now (since at least the beginning of this week). If you're still having issues, please file a feedback.

InteractiveTradingChart[{"GOOGL", {{2009, 1, 1}, {2009, 12, 31}}}]

enter image description here

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