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How can I play Mathematica CDF files on a Windows Surface Pro?

Posted 11 years ago
I'm trying to display and interact with Mathematica CDF files on a Windows Surface Pro using just Explorer and the Windows CDF player.  When I used Explorer to access the demonstrations web page and attempted to open a demonstration (.cdf) file, I got a message saying I needed to download and install the CDF player.  I did the download and install, but after this Explorer still did not play the demonstration; I got the same message that I needed to install the player.

I have Mathematica 9 installed on my Surface Pro, and it works OK.  However, I want to show demonstrations just using Explorer launched by itself from the Surface Pro tiles screen, instead of operating through Mathematica on the (classic) desktop. 

Has anyone out there been able to do this?
POSTED BY: Anthony Rollins
Please first make sure you are running Windows 8 instead of Windows RT. If you are running Windows RT, then you will not be able to install the CDF player.

Are you able to run IE from the desktop instead of metro mode? Does the behavior change there? The plug-in won't run via the metro mode.

Please check to see whether IE sees that the CDF player is installed in its list of add-ons:
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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