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How to restrict launch multiple Mathematica instance on the same host?

Posted 8 months ago
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Hello, Community members.

1, My Goal

I would like to restrict launch multiple Mathematica instance on the same host. Could you point me useful documents or tips about this?

I double clicked Mathematica icon twice on the same host.

MathLM reporting that single host is using multiple Mathematica instance.

2, Environment

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Mathematica: 11.2

3, MathLM output

Online help is available at

MathLM Version: 11.2
MathLM Server:
Date: Tuesday, May 29 2018 23:52:46

License Usage Summary:

Program            License  Total   Total 
                   Class    in Use  Authorized
Mathematica        B        2               60
MathKernel         B        2               60
Sub Mathematica    B        0              480
Sub MathKernel     B        0              480

Licenses in Use:
Program             Version   Class     Usernaeme   Hostname          Duration
Mathematica         11.2      B         User1    2:31
Mathematica         11.2      B         User1    2:20
MathKernel          11.2      B         User1    2:27
MathKernel          11.2      B         User1    2:18

Best regards.

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