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Can GeoHistogram deal with large data sets?

Posted 8 months ago
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I have been trying to run GeoHistogram on a data set of around 1.3 million coordinate pairs, but I keep getting errors (different ones depending on the Mathematica version; tried 11.1 and 11.3 on Mac and Win). The "geos" data set consists of a list of pairs like this:


with some pairs repeated more or less often within the data set. The GeoHistogram call is simply this:

GeoHistogram[geos, PlotTheme -> "Scientific", ImageSize -> Full]

Has anybody else been having problems with this? Thanks, Johan

3 Replies

Hi Johan,

unfortunately you did not post a working example, so I just can guess that the problem is that your geos data are not declared as GeoPosition. A minimal working code sample would be:

GeoHistogram[{GeoPosition[{37.4404, -121.87}]}, PlotTheme -> "Scientific", ImageSize -> Full]

Regards -- Henrik

Posted 7 months ago

Thanks for your response, Henrik. I turns out that this issue is related to HTTP proxy configuration (likely because of the downloads from Wolfram servers going on in the background as a result of the GeoHistogram call), but I haven't been able to determine exactly how yet.


Hi Johan,

Which exactly errors are you getting ?

Thanks !

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