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Specify how overlapping plots are displayed with "OverlapStyle"?

Posted 8 months ago
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Is there a way to specify how overlapping plots are displayed?

Graphics[{Thickness[0.002], Line[{{{0, 0}, {5, 5}}, {{1, 1}, {4, 4}}, {{2, 2}, {3, 3}}}]}]

enter image description here

It's subtle, but overlapping portions of the lines are thicker. It would be nice for some applications if we could specify such that there is no added thickness, so it would look more like:

Graphics[{Thickness[0.002], Line[{{{0, 0}, {5, 5}}}]}]

enter image description here

2 Replies

No there is not. This the consequence of having lines thinner than (or around) one pixel probably in combination with your antialiasing settings.

Make the ImageSize bigger, Rasterize it, and then use ImageResize to get a smaller one again.

  Line[{{{0, 0}, {5, 5}}, {{1, 1}, {4, 4}}, {{2, 2}, {3, 3}}}]}, 
 ImageSize -> 800]
Posted 8 months ago

Thank you, that might do the trick.

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