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Get a steady PlotLabel for a running simulation graphics?

Posted 1 year ago
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Please, activate the simple simulation (of a harmonic oscillator) by activating the run box. Together with the red moving 'particle' there is shown a Row of text and numbers. Whenever one of the numbers should have 0 as the last digit, this digit is not printed and all output down the Row gets shifted. This is inconvenient if --- in our case --- one tries to see how the energy conservation error (e-e0)/e0 varies upon a change in the time step. Is there a practicable way to avoid the mentioned inconvenience?

2 Replies

This seems to ameliorate the problem:

Row@{"count = ",
  PaddedForm[count, 8,
   NumberPadding -> {" ", "0"}], Spacer[20],
  "t = ",
  NumberForm[N[t], {10, 4},
   NumberPadding -> {" ", "0"}], Spacer[20],
  "(e-e0)/e0 = ",
  NumberForm[(e - e0)/e0, {8, 4},
   NumberPadding -> {"0", "0"}, 
   ExponentFunction -> (3 Quotient[#1, 3] & )]}

Thanks a lot Gianluca. The option NumberPadding -> {" ", "0"} is what I missed. Appended is the minimal version which is OK for me.

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