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Make a working USB camera discoverable by Mathematica on macbook?

Posted 1 year ago
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I'm trying to use Mathematica to automate capture and analysis of USB camera images attached to a microscope. I believe the camera to be correctly installed because 1) The camera successfully captures images using the microscope's own software on my macbook pro through the USB directly to the camera and 2) the System Information >> Hardware >> USB >> USB2.0 Camera shows the camera recognized by the macbook pro's system setup.

However, calls to FindDevices[] discover no camera but the iSight built-in camera. (I'm familiar with Mathematica's help files on this and related functions at

Any advice to make it discoverable?

System Info: -- Mathematica 11 -- Computer: Macbook Pro -- OS 10.10.5 -- AmScope MU1400 USB Camera (connected to USB2.0 port on the macbook pro)

Thanks, All.


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