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MathEd: For German users of Mathematica

Posted 6 years ago

In Germany, there is the association Zwanzigeins that wants to change the awkward German pronunciation of numbers into something more agreeable. For example, the current German pronunciation of 21 is "ein und zwanzig" which is opposite to more agreeable English "twenty one". Obviously most Germans get used to the current pronunciation but for education it appears to create a challenge for number sense.

The board of this German association Zwanzigeins has decided to support my research towards creating an ISO standard for the pronunciation of numbers. See this link to their summary of this: "Initiative zur internationalen Normung der Zahlenaussprache"

PM 1. My updated Mathematica notebook for testing this pronunciation is in the attachment or at When you are a German user of Mathematica, please check this out and run some tests with this notebook and package, because when you like the analysis and the power of expression by Mathematica, then you might play an important role in supporting all of this (e.g. by demonstrating the application to others).

PM 2. An earlier message was:

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