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Improve performance of a Dynamic/Manipulate plot

Posted 4 months ago
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I'm running into - what I expect are - common problems when using Manipulate or Dynamic. I was hoping someone could give me some tips


I have a plot that's refreshes very quickly when I don't set PlotTheme->"Detailed". I would like to have Gridlines, PlotLegends, etc enabled, but I would like the speed too. I've seen some improvement by using ControlActive, I'm doing something like

DynamicModule[{}, Column@{

Is there a cleaner way of doing that? Using ControlActive around PlotTheme gives an error.

Interacting/Onscreen Dynamics

I have an array of input fields and a column of popup menus that are on screen with the plot. When I scroll them off screen the plot runs faster. Is there a way to decouple the Dynamics of the onscreen input fields while the plot is being manipulated? Interacting dynamics are hurting interactive performance

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