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Find Maximum by iterative procedure?

Posted 4 months ago
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Hello. I try to understand what iterative procedure should I use. Please, take a look at the link to get a description of the task. So k is a number of error taints. λ is the code below

c1 = NSolve[
Sum[PDF[BinomialDistribution[n, p1], i], {i, k, m}] == a && 
1 >= p1 >= 0, p1]; p1 = p1 /. c1[[1]];

I understand that we should use k iterations. But I dont fully understand what does mean Λk =max[Λk (1) , Λk (2)] to find some maximum. Sopose we have n=100 and three taints t=20,30,40. Chould you give me a hint on how it should look at mathematica? Thanks in advance.

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