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Install R-3.5.1 using InstallR, Mathematica 11.3 in Win 10?

Posted 5 years ago
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I previously had some raw data in the R language using the mediation package analysis and then wanted to use Mathematica for subsequent analysis. This process is not very smooth. Please help.

InstallR["RHomeLocation" -> "C:\\Program Files\\R\\R-3.5.1"]

An error message appears: InstallR::fail: Failed to install R. The following error was encountered: Unable to load dynamic libraries

POSTED BY: Tsai Ming-Chou
3 Replies

Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try when I get some time.

POSTED BY: Robert Ferguson

If you have rJava installed already, try this, for example,



InstallR["RHomeLocation" -> 
 "NativeLibLocation" -> 


I'm using Window 10 (1803) and Mathematica 11.3. "RHomeLocation" - path to your R and "NativeLibLocation" - path to Java R Interface

see this for more details

POSTED BY: Sompob Saralamba

I have just recently installed RLink on Windows, with Mathematica 11.3. I was unable to get R v3.5.1 to work, and the same "unable to load dynamic libraries" message kept popping up, however it seems to be running well with R v 3.4.1.

It would be helpful if Wolfram could put a prominent note in the documentation about which version(s) of R they are supporting with RLink.

POSTED BY: Robert Ferguson
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