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Home Desktop license permitting non-commercial publications in the internet

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi all

I am thinking about buying the Home Desktop Version for home/hobby use. However, I might want to publish notebooks, graphs or even tutorials on non-commercial blogs or non-commercial teaching on Youtube. I am not associated with any academic or commercial institute concerning the usage of Mathematica.

So my question is: Am I entitled to publish Mathematica outputs on the internet owning the Home Desktop Version of Mathematica?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sacha,

I am hoping to do the same thing. My understanding is that you are entitled as long as it is not for monetary gain. From the license agreement:

"... the following Prohibited Uses supplement those in the general Product License Agreement: a. the Software may not be used for work or research in which the work product benefits, or is "work for hire" on behalf of, any Commercial, Nonprofit, Academic, or Governmental organization; and b. the Software may not be used for any purpose associated with seeking commercial advantage or private monetary gain."

Lawyers might interpret this to conclude that it would be a violation if you published your Home License work on YouTube to drive up advertising revenue, for instance, so I would be careful.

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