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Convert a graphic type variable into an image?

Posted 6 months ago
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Dear all,

I want to convert a Graphic type variable into an image. For example, I'm trying the following code to convert a simple graphics,

{PointSize[Small], Point[{1, 1}], Point[{0, 0}]} //Graphics[#, ImageSize -> {512, 512}] & // ColorNegate

The problem is that the two points are not really in the corner of the image. How can I fix the problem? Please note that this example is a toy example.

Thank you, Luis

Posted 6 months ago

I think specifying the proper PlotRange explicitly may get you what you're after:

Graphics[{PointSize[Small], Point[{1, 1}], Point[{0, 0}]}, 
  ImageSize -> {25, 25}, PlotRange -> {{0, 1}, {0, 1}}] // ColorNegate


The default value of PlotRange seems to add a little extra "padding" past the outermost points, which in other cases would be desirable.

(I changed the ImageSize to make it more clear where the points were ending up)

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