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Use Import to load local file from hard drive to Mathematica online?

Posted 6 months ago
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I am a beginner trying out Mathematica online. I want to import an excel file from my hard drive but when I try and use the Import command, I don't get the option to specify file path to the local hard drive. Is this option not available in Mathematica Online? I tried SetDirectory to my c drive and that didn't seem to work but maybe I messed it up. My intro to Mathmatica book says there should be an "insert from local file path" option but I am not seeing it. Is this not available in the online version? I am also seeing that I cant cut and paste into the notebook online. I do cntl c to copy the data form excel but when I hit paste in Mathematica online, nothing happens. I am running it from a network at work, could that be an issue?
Thanks for any thoughts.

2 Replies

Import["dir\file",expr,"type"] - see help. certainly you can specify path

If your working with (mouse, and if your using an Apple imac (great machine), If your using Microsoft, the way to do that is to click on the ".." icon or the path tree. this changes the "working directory" you see to select a file from.

Mathematica can cut and paste rows and colums of data from Excel certainly. You may need to "right click" and choose the copy and past format (in excel at least), since mathematica may not support all excel paste formats (pasting intended to be embedded in another excel sheet).

In:  $ImportFormats
Out:  { list of supported formats }

In:  Directory[]
Out:  "your current working directory"

In some situations it's possible to have a "live embedded object" where data in a pasted object can be updated (meaning, if excel updates the material, the change is shown in Mathematica). However I can't explain that or say it will work for you.

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