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An application to automate common data manipulation and analysis tasks

Posted 11 years ago
As a long time Mathematica user, in many cases I found myself recreating the same code for the same type of data manipulation or analysis needs. Long story short, I decided to create an application which helps me make better use of my time by automating via a user interface some of those tasks I need to perform often. The product is called BESTViewpoints as it is intended to be used as a tool for importing, manipulating and visualizing or identifying information "viewpoints" in data. 

To demonstrate the product's main features, capabilities, and look and feel I have created a short screencast of the product which is available from this link . I have also made available a trial version of the application via this link

A sample screenshot of the application is show below. I'll be presenting BESTViewpoints  9 next week in the Wolfram Technology Conference. I look forward to hear comments from the community regarding this product.

POSTED BY: Ariel Sepulveda
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