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Firewire video camera detection

I do an $ImagingDevices[]  but Mathematica do not recognizes my firewire camera. I have look everywhere , but can not find instruction on how to configure  Mathematica to look after Firewire ports. Any idea how to solve this?  I want to capture the video from the Firewire camera.
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
2 Replies
This is very interesting , Bruce.. Is this the reason that I am not able to et any image from a frame grabber either?  Unlike the case of the firewire cameram (No device detected), $ImageDevices[]  detects my frame grabber, but the image produce in the notebook  is a blank black background.If any of your here has experience with capturing images from a frame grabber.. Please post the FG model and camera in use.
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
Everything I find in documentation on capturing images from attached cameras assumes
the pictures are stills, not videos.

If the camera can be used as a still camera you can capture images from,
check its configuration in the system. 
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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