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ImageAugmentationLayer on image and target mask

Posted 7 months ago
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Hi, I'd like to use ImageAugmentationLayer in my binary image segmentation neural network. However, it seems like I can't get the ImageSegmentationLayer to do exactly the same transform on my input image as on my target mask. Is there a hidden way to do this that's not mentioned in the docs? It seems like every invocation of the layer will use a new random crop, but I need to do the exact same random crop on pairs of images. Cheers!

2 Replies
Posted 7 months ago

In the meantime I'm using this function to do it.

randomCrop[is_, sz_] := 
 Module[{x = RandomReal[{-1, 1}], y = RandomReal[{-1, 1}]},
  ImageCrop[#, sz, {x, y}] & /@ is

Hi Carl, unfortunately there is no way to link two ImageAugmentationLayers currently. NetMapOperator will also give you two different crops. You will have to perform the augmentation outside the Neural Net as a pre-processing step. You can either pre-compute you augmented dataset before traning, or you can have online augmentation during training (as ImageAugmentationLayer would give you) by using the "generator" syntax of NetTrain: NetTrain[net, f], as in the 5th signature of the NetTrain doc page:

Inside the generator function you will have to take the current minibatch, apply your linked random cropping and return the cropped minibatch.

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