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Create a right hand grid to match a textbook perspective?

Posted 6 months ago
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I am making some resource materials for a student. I would like to match the grid used in the textbook. I can create an x,y,z axes, and turn the edge axes off. I am unable to create the same orientation of the axe. Can this be done? I have tried viewpoint, but can not get a vertical z axes a horizontal y axes and a slant x axes. If so how? Also, does Mathematica have a right hand image?

enter image description here

Try using AxesEdge->{-1,-1} as an option to your 3D plots and graphics. This will lock the axes into the sided traditionally displayed in textbooks. Note that the origin is not necessarily the corner where the axes cross. If you want the axes to cross at the origin, you may need AxesOrigin->{0,0,0}, however that will place the axes inside the graphics box. That may be what you're looking for.

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