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[Wolfram Media] A Numerical Approach to Real Algebraic Curves

Posted 10 months ago
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Wolfram Media has released a new book, A Numerical Approach to Real Algebraic Curves with the Wolfram Language, by Barry H. Dayton. Dayton is a mathematician and long-time Mathematica user.

Bridging the gap between the sophisticated topic of real algebraic curve theory and on-the-spot computation and visualization of real algebraic curves, Dayton uses the Wolfram Language to explore and analyze real curves that often do not have rational points on them. In classical texts, analysis of these types of real curves was only really possible in the theoretical sense, but the Wolfram Language's ability to work with machine numbers, both in calculations and in detailed plots, enables accurate analysis of extremely complicated curves. This book is intended for those with some understanding of calculus and partial derivatives and with basic knowledge of the Wolfram Language.

One thing that makes this Wolfram Media publication unique is that not only is the book available for purchase on Amazon as a Kindle file, the entire text of the book with all of the code used to make the plots is available for free as downloadable Wolfram Notebooks. This book's unique style includes a large function appendix that evaluates independently of the chapter interface and activates the functions used in the text itself.

Read this month's article of The Mathematica Journal for a summary. Below are a few beautiful images from the article.

enter image description here

enter image description here

We're excited for this release as it is the first book by a non-Wolfram author that we've published, and we have several additional titles under consideration for 2019. Please check back on the Publishing and Authoring Group discussion over the next few months for updates!

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