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Avoid issues on demonstrations running on a web browser?

Posted 9 months ago
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I have noticed at least a couple of demonstrations that one can't run from within a web browser (constrained optimization and union bound probability). When accessing these demonstrations and the cursor is placed in the graphic, a notice pops up that states "this demonstration is optimized for desktop". If the CDF file is downloaded to an iPad running the Wolfram Player, it seems to run correctly. What is it about these demonstrations that prevents them from running inside a web browser?

2 Replies
Posted 8 months ago

Mike, I have noticed the same thing. Some Demonstrations work with the browser plugin on IE, others do not. A phenomena that happened quite recently. This one works:

Degenerate Power Simplices

This one does not work:

Spherical Triangle Solutions

Any info from WRI would be interesting.

Posted 7 months ago

I have this problem too. And when I go to the browser again browser showed me that site and I really cannot understand that. But after restart, it`s all okay.

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