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Find the root of a numerical function that contains a root-finding itself?

Posted 7 months ago
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I have encountered the following problem:

  • define a numerical function h with input x and output y
  • use FindRoot to find the root x* of h
  • one characteristic of h: at some part within h FindRoot is called

I have done that with other software, but its not working in Mathematica, or I am doing something wrong. I have attached a MWE.

Simply evaluating the function h works, but FindRoot does return many error messages. I really do not understand why.

Any ideas?

Best, Benjamin

h[inp_] :=
 Module[{y, x, a, equ, sol, z},

  a = inp;

  equ = {x + .5 y - a[[1]], x + y - a[[2]]};
  sol = FindRoot[equ, {{x, 1.0}, {y, 1.0}}];

  z = {x, y} /. sol;

  z - {1, 1}
XY = {X, Y};
XYval = {1.5, 2.0};
XYStart = {{XY[[1]], XYval[[1]]}, {XY[[2]], XYval[[2]]}};


FindRoot[h[XYInput], XYStart]
2 Replies

XYInput is nowhere defined... (use XY instead).

You might also want to change the "signature" of h slightly, e.g. to h[inp : {_?NumberQ, _?NumberQ}]:=.... This will enforce that it never be invoked with symbolic parameters.

Posted 7 months ago

Great, that actually works. What exactly was the problem? I guess that Mathematica first tried to evaluate h symbolically, which now is not happening.

Thanks a lot.

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