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Create a table of dates of the past 30 autumnal equinoxes using W|A?

Posted 7 months ago
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I was trying to create a table of the past 30 autumnal equinoxes, however I just can't seem to do it. If I try any thing fancy, Alpha just returns nearest autumnal equinox and that's it. I've tried so far things like:

autumnal equinox [1988.. 2018.. 1]

and even went half-Mathematica with this one:

Table[autumnal equinox n, {n, 1988, 2018}]

Am I missing something? Am I taking too many liberties here? Please someone help.

2 Replies

If you have Mathematica you could get the list through repeated calls to Alpha, as follows:

WolframAlpha["autumnal equinox " <> IntegerString[#], "Result"] & /@ 
 Range[1988, 2018]

Unfortunately this times out if you try to do it in the Programming Lab.


Posted 7 months ago

Oh, wow. Thanks. I had no idea you could do such calls in Mathematica!

While this does solve my particular problem, I am still curious if you can somehow format a query in Alpha to get a similar result. So if someone knows how I should form the input in Alpha to get a table of results for the example above I'd appreciate it. Or if it's not possible in Alpha, it would be good to know.

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