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Discord server chat for Wolfram Tech (unofficial)

Posted 7 months ago
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I have set up a Discord server for chatting with others about things related with the Wolfram Language / Mathematica, here:

If you don't know about Discord,

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@Eric Parfitt, this seems like an interesting idea. I just joined. But could you please provide more details in your announcement? For example what is chat goals and your vision for that chat future, how many people it can accommodate, are there any nice perks we should be aware about, why should people join, etc.?

Posted 6 months ago

Hey sorry for not getting back earlier. Thanks for joining. What's your username? Feel free to say "hi" or ask whatever if you're still there. I'm just a guy who's interested in programming. I'm in no way affiliated with Discord or Wolfram Research at this time (I did work on a short term research project with someone from the company a little ways back.)

There's Discord channels for other languages but there wasn't one for the Wolfram Language yet. I am hoping that people might just share ideas about the language, or ask and answer questions (I have answered a few so far.) Perhaps people will want to work on projects together (I know I would.)

Also if people are interested in talking about Wolfram Alpha or A New Kind of Science (I've read it all the way through twice plus flip through it now and then) I would for sure be interested in talking about that. To answer one of your specific questions, as far as I know, Discord can accommodate as many people as whom join, so no limits as far as I know (no plans to set limits myself on user number at this time.) If you have any other questions feel free to ask on there or post here again!

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