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Which tablets can run CDF Player today?

While we wait for CDF on iPad, hopefully not in vain, are there tablets that can smoothly run CDF Player today?

Is it fair to assume that any tablet running Win 8.1 Pro should be able to run CDF Player smoothly? Or is it likely to be slow or experience other problems?
For example, the Dell Venue 8 Pro, or similar.

POSTED BY: Philip Maymin
3 Replies
As of a few months ago, the Windows 8 on tablets was not the same as Windows 8 on
desktop and laptop machines.  There can be important CPU differences, too.

Since CDF Player is free, minus a few minutes to download and install,
it would not be hard to test it.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Thanks Bruce. I did not know about the differences in Windows versions, very interesting.

Many tablets are only available for purchase online unfortunately, so it is hard to test without buying and risking having to return. I asked them to test it but they don't seem to have any units on hand to test on.

POSTED BY: Philip Maymin
FWIW the people at Dell online chat think that the CDF Player plugin should run fine on the venue 8 pro, but I guess what else are they going to say. They do say it runs Java and Flash well. Anybody have experience running CDF Player on any tablets? Would be nice to hear feedback on whether 8" is too small a screen or not, or how fast the processor should be, or how much memory, etc.
POSTED BY: Philip Maymin
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