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Eric Weisstein's MathWorld Packages in Mathematica 9.0 will not initialize

Posted 11 years ago

Let me start by saying I am completely new to Mathematica, and I just installed version 9 about an hour ago.  So apologies in advance if I'm doing something silly here!

I am trying to run a Mathematica notebook found here:

Apparently I need the Mathworld packages available in the zip file here, particularly polyomino.m

I have unzipped the add ons and put them in a MathWorld folder as instructed.  I put this in a few different places that should be accessible to Mathematica.

However, when I try to run the notebook, I consistently get: 

(Debug) In[1120]:= <<MathWorld`Polyomino`
(Debug) During evaluation of In[1120]:= Get::noopen: Cannot open MathWorld`Polyomino`. >>
(Debug) Out[1120]= $Failed

I don't know if Mathematica can't find the file, or if there is a problem with the code.  I think they were created for Mathematica 6.0, so maybe they are no longer compatible.

Would any kind soul take a look at this and see if they can get this Polyomino.nb to work on Mathematica 9.0?   Maybe I am not doing something very basic correctly.

Thank you in advance
POSTED BY: Rob Superty
Get::noopen says that the file could not be opened, not that there was a problem with the code inside.

Is the MathWorld folder in one of the directories listed by evaluating $Path?
In[7]:= $Path

Out[7]= { "C:\\ProgramData\\Mathematica\\Kernel", 
"C:\\ProgramData\\Mathematica\\Applications", ".", ...

Another method of specifying the package is to provide the full path to it. 
- Type
- place the cursor between the square brackets,
- go to Insert menu, File Path,
- in the directory dialog box that opens, trace down to the .m file and Open it (that puts the path into the Get),
- evaluate the Get that now has the file path.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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