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Output the numerical expression of a function?

Posted 3 years ago
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I am a Mathematica beginner working on a problem in the area of quantum mechanics. I adapted this source code (also attached below) to work with the problem I'm trying to solve. At present, the graphics produced by the code tell me most of what I need to know, but I would like to know how to get Mathematica to output the numerical expression for the wavefunction [Psi][x].

If someone can take a look at the source code I attached (my own code is quite similar save for a few numerical modifications) and illuminate how to get a numerical expression for Psi, I'd be quite grateful.

I am sure there is a simple solution to this that my lack of Mathematica knowledge is preventing me from seeing. My apologies if this seems like a stupid question, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I also posted this question to the Mathematica Stack Exchange forums, and I did not properly link the cross post, which can be found here.


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