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Mathematica (on Macintosh) with EndNote

I have both Mathematica and EndNote installed on my Mac (this was also the chronological order of installing). According to the documentation, I should be able to insert bibilographic references to a text cell of a notebook if EndNote is running. However, when I choose

Insert -> Citation -> Bibliographical Note

then, instead of seeing all the citations which I have already imported into my EndNote library, I only see an empty window. Anyone having some advice what is wrong? I am not sure from the description that the EndNote plug-in, which Mathematica needs, is installed automatically when I install EndNote, or something else need to be done.
POSTED BY: Imre Pazsit
3 Replies

Is anyone aware of any plans of the release of an EndNote plugin for Macs in the Wolfram Language? It is actually a large handicap not to have access to EndNote, because it seems that the only (or at least the only not too complicated) way of handling Harvard-type references when writing a report is to use EndNote. Does anyone from Wolfram Science wants to comment on this?

POSTED BY: Imre Pazsit
EndNote is not supported by Mathematica on Macintosh.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Thanks a lot! This was not clear from the documentation, or I just missed it.
POSTED BY: Imre Pazsit
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