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Create an interface for a drinks vending machine?

Posted 6 months ago
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Hello everyone, if someone were available, I would need a hand in the making of a mathematical machine, I thought to realize the interface of a distributor of drinks that tells me to enter the money, select the code concerning the drink and then, in based on the money inserted, give me rest if the cost of the drink is lower than what is entered. However, since I should use wolfram mathematica I do not know how to set the algorithm, as I am not very familiar with this program. See the following code:

stringa1 = "Inserire soldi:";
stringa2 = "Inserire codice bibita:";
Column[{{InputField[stringa1, String], 
   InputField[Dynamic[beta], Number], 
   Button["Clicca qui", 
    Print[InputField[stringa2, String], 
     InputField[Dynamic[alph], String]]]}}]

If someone would give me a hand I would do a big favor .... thanks in advance.

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