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Documentation Center not starting

Posted 11 years ago

recently the Documentation Center does not start in Mathematica 8 or 9 on my PC with Windows 7, 64 bit.
De-installation of Mathematica 8 and 9, re-boot of the computer and re-installation of Mathematica 8 did not help.
Accessing the internet is switched off in the Mathematica options.

I did not change anything in the Mathematica installation during the last months.
We have automatic security updates to all PCs in our intranet, however, other users in the intranet do not experience this problem.

Do you have any clue on the reason for our IT department which is trying to resolve the problem?

Thank you in advance and best regards,
Hannes Kessler
POSTED BY: Hannes Kessler
Posted 11 years ago

the resolution of the problem was the key combination windows key + right arrow. The windows key + arrow key combinations move the current window around the screen and may even hide it when used too much. Apparently this happened to me before without noting it.

Best regards,
Hannes Kessler
POSTED BY: Hannes Kessler
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