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Patch for SystemModeler on MacOSX 10.9

Since I made the upgrade to the new version of MacOSX 10.9, SystemModeler has ceased to function properly, even if the GUI is executed, the version of GCC that comes with XCode is not recognized by the program, I've searched the forums and tell me the problem is the new version of MacOSX, my question is if anyone knows when there will be a patch for SystemModeler?

greetings and thanks!
5 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
A better and simpler way to do this:
Locate the Compile script in the SystemModeler bundle, in a standard installation it should be located here /Applications/
To get there, right-click (or Ctrl+left click) on the SystemModeler bundle and select "Show Package Contents". Then you can browse into Contents/MacOS. Open the Compile file in a text editor and substitute the contents with this:
make $2 -f $1.makefile > $1.log 2>&1
WARNING: Make sure that the new file does NOT use windows line endings, because then nothing will work.
POSTED BY: Johan Rhodin
Did not work for me unfortunately.

Do I have to reinstall command line tools after applying the gcc-4.9 update?
Posted 11 years ago
1. Go to and download the latest version of the gcc compiler, gcc-4.9-bin.tar.gz.
2. Copy the folders and files to /usr/local/ and also install the command line tools.
You should now be able to compile simulations on OS X 10.9
POSTED BY: Johan Rhodin
Following Johan Rhodin, if you follow the instructions of the page <>, almost for version 4.8,  it is not necessary to copy files by hand (tar extracts them to the final locations). After that, in preferences of the System Modeler, compiler section, you must write the path /usr/local/bin and push verify.
Posted 11 years ago
Dear Sergio,

I have same problem.  We are waiting!
POSTED BY: Ronai Lisboa
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